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nature turned up the oven to roast here in maryland and all along the east coast. temperature records aren't just breaking, they're popping. as the mercury flows past 100 in many parts of maryland. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the heat headlines are remarkable. a record at bwi today, 105 degrees. and just think, a couple of months ago it was a record snowfall. now, not las vegas, not phoenix, but frederick was among if not the hots spots in the entire country today, a scorching 106 degrees. and csx which owns the tracks which carry the camden line cut the speed of commuter trains in half because the extreme heat can cause the rails to bend under pressure. >>> maryland is broiling again. and more looks to be on the way. wyatt is here with the first forecast. >> after record smashing heat across maryland today i wish i could tell you things are about to let upment we'll see relief tomorrow. it's not going to happen. we'll see just as much heat, a carbon copy. let's take a look at what we're seeing right now. we just dipped below 90 degrees in dc and baltimore, very, very hot evening
with the thunderstorm action across most of maryland, it has come closer in the last couple of hours, especially for those of you up in northern harford county. we have severe thunderstorm watch for all southern p.a.. couple of warnings moving toward maryland. the most powerful radar in motion now, couple of cells north of the line moving south and eastward. take you to live radar and show you briefly the track on the cell as it continues to move nits current direction. maybe into posit in another hour here. that's if it holds together. for the most part things have been quiet tonight and through the day tomorrow, it's a hot one and thunderstorm-free it would appear. drier, hotter weather, the theme for the next several days. in fact, triple digit heat is in the forecast. we'll talk about when that happens coming up in a few. >>> this is child pornography whether people want to believe it or not. >> one local mother's outrage over her daughter's full body air port scan has become a hot topic. the 12-year-old daughter was pulled out of land and chosen at random for a full body scan. her mother is
the amusement park ride safety inspection team from the maryland department of labour and licensing are en route to ocean city to inspect the apparent malfunction. >> michael, we're talking about the tidal wave, correct, is that the ride? >> that's correct. >> any information about the extent of injuries? >> well, right now, three people were transported. the injuries are believed to be non-life threat engineer, they were conscious when they were transported and have been taken to area hospitals. i have no more information on their injuries, they were conscious and i have information that their injuries were not life-threatening. >> they were three children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. i don't know the exact breakdown of the ages. >> okay. all right. you said it is being investigated by -- >> yes, ma'am, the ride is closed, and it is being investigated by the department of labour and licensing inspection people from the amusement park ride safety inspection team. >> obviously the ride is shut down for the rest of the evening, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. michael levy, thank
of the action is down in southern maryland. still big strong storms, down around lexington park. areas just south of there even. just on the eastern shore toward church creek. most of us actually seeing nice clearing again. apart from the storms down to the south a lot of us beginning to see clearing. there is a little more activity now firing up toward cumberland, hagerstowm and the high country to the west. we will have to see if that holds together as it pushes west to east. we will keep showers into the forecast here overnight. some late clearing will be possible as we push toward daybreak. then another round of storms will be possible tomorrow. again on wednesday and temperatures only headed up. we have all that coming up. >> police in carol say their search for a 20-year-old man who went missing is now a recovery mission. dive teams looking for the 20- year-old justin oliver swimming two friends when he disappeared. officials remind everybody it's illegal to swim there. >>> the news better for a 2- year-old save from drowning in a pool. the boy was found face down yesterday. i was re
-wide vote on weather to build maryland's largest casino outside anne arundel mills mall. it gives them a right. >> it is an essential and fundamental right of the people and it was today preserved, protected and enforced by the court of appeal, and for that we're thankful and grateful. >> reporter: the president of the company who won the right to build the casino said the state is losing $1 million a day that it is not built. billions of dollars are leaving the state to other neighboring states with no benefit to the state. inteed, surrounding states have expanded gaming beyond slot machines to include blackjack tables and poker rooms. but slots opponents say the state referendum on slots which passed in 2008 did not guarantee revenue for the state. >> the creation of new revenues for the state was dependent upon the local community's selling the location in their communities. >> the arundel mills referendum will be on the platte for those who vote in the county on election day november 2nd after a huge victory. opponents say they are confident they'll win that day as well. >> it is s
's hard to believe we cave the blue crab. it's no surprise that the creepy creatures a maryland favorite and for some the price doesn't matter. >> my wife said how much and i didn't even ask. >> reporter: we checked in a few months after talking to the owner e. buys whole seller who move them out of the gulf. they say there is no choice but to raise prices because the oil spill has cut down on crabbing efforts. the owner said several weeks after the disaster he had to pass along the price. >> they went up about four to five dollars a dozen. about a dozen and about 40 or $50 a bush el. >> reporter: a dozen charge large go for $55. much higher and one man will look for something else. >> price goes up to $75 or 100 a dozen we will think twice before we get them. >> reporter: the future is not certain since the oil spill is unprecedented but a report is not good news. sciencists with the university of southern mississippi have found drop lets of oil in the larvae of blue crabs. one said the effect could last years, not months. for now crabbers are having a good season helping balance the
should be filed against the mother. maryland does have a safe haven law in which a baby can be dropped off at a hospital with no criminal charges and no charges asked. however, that is clearly not what happened in this case. >>> live at baltimore county christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >>> a disturbing story, already drawing some strongly action on our abc 2 news facebook page. here is a sample of some of the those comments, colleen norwood tack et says they should do the same thing with her. i'm so disgusted by this story, michelle johnson write, i can't even make a full comment because it would not be appropriate language to use outside of a trucker bar. >>> and michelle lindsey sue posed the question, how are there not charges against this person? you can share your thoughts on our abc 2 facebook page at abc2news.com. that's where you'll also find the very latest updates on this story. >>> well tonight a family is mourning the death of one of its own. the sister of johns hopkins researcher killed in the streets of baltimore sunday night describes her brother's final phone call with h
maryland." >> the first one is about controlling your temper. most people that start out, including myself, have issues with avenuer and how deal with that? >> but that's not all the iron man has up his sleeve. for months rumors have swirled about him taking apparition in the front office. he says fans think it's a no- brainer but it's not that simple. >> i'm having wonderful talks with mr. answer lows. i started thinking if i do come back the timing would be back in a couple years. the urgency of things that went wrong this year, start of the season, has kind of kicked that forward and -- >> when he retired he made a commitment to be there for his kids until they graduated high school. his daughter is in college but his son still has two years to go yet. >> well on the weather front kelly, what a fantastic looking day out there, this evening so pleasant, humidity low. i mean i heat to use this word, a little chilly perhaps by daybreak. take a look at some of the numbers right now. the outlying suburbs in the 60, 63 from frederick. take a look at york pa at 56 degrees right now. man that's
the distance. abc news. >> warning for beach goers. rip tides keeping delaware and maryland lifeguards busy. in the past week guards have helped about 600 people in disstress. a rip tid section a strong current flowing near the shore and out to sea. the best advice is if you find yourself caught in a rip current swim parallel to the shore and don't panic. >> save $1,000 now. tonight an expert reveals simple secrets for saving a few dollars and still allowing yourself to have fun. >> it's not restrict to save more. >> reporter: emily is a busy professional who probably doesn't have a lot of time to worry about finances. when they found the advice of appear author it made sense. >> personal finance has a bad rap. >> reporter: he isn't the type of expert who will make you ditch the things you love. >> it's a game. i will try to spend on what i love as long as i cut on the things i don't. >> reporter: he thinks saying loose the latte is stupid. >> reporter: it doesn't save that much and there is a costful i prefer to focus on the four or five big win that save us 100,000 instead of these th
have it bad in this heat, the animals at the maryland zoo in baltimore are sweating it out with you. zoo employees are keeping a close watch on all the animals, keeping them busy an providing cool treats every few days, like this giant popsicle that they have, they have been giving to elvis the otter, right there. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. >>> after days of sizzling heat temperatures near 1 # 0 address, could some really finally be on the way? we ask dwight everhart. >> step outside, you already feel the difference from the last several nights, the heat wave is breaking as we speak. it will improve, it follows into saturday. 83 downtown, 82 in annapolis, and 75 cool degrees over in dover, and spots like ocean city, awfully cool down on the eastern shore. good for those folks down that way. 94 was the high today at the inner harbor, frederick always the hot spot it seems this week, but still 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. a few clouds blowing in out of the east. a few storms staying well to our west. that likely changes by tomorrow, an early look at your forecast for tomorrow
the officers will be sworn maryland special police officers with the ability to make arrests and use force when necessary. the school says it's is only program of its kind in this state. >>> baltimore city police want to know why an officer ignored an order to stop a high speed chase that left a man dead. nine-year veteran officer timothy bale is suspended while the department investigates the incident from over the weekend. officials say bale spotted a motorcycle driven by haynes hal oh way listed and began pursuing him. he was told over his radio to end the chase but apparently did not. he ended up hitting the motorcycle near the delaney valley road exit on 695 killing will eye stop, late today state police got a warrant to comb over both the motorcycle and bale's vehicle. >> baltimore county firefighters believe that a faulty water heater is to blame for a fire that hit several homes in a dunn doc neighborhood. the people living in the three homes made it out alive thanks to buddy. a 5-year-old german sheppard. she is credited with barking to alert neighbors to the flame the homeowner kim ro
baltimore and maryland. humidity in the 40%. 46% relative humidity. it's one nice evening out there. temperatures action look at these. 66 cool degrees out in frederick. york down to 58 north of the border. we have 74 downtown. cambridge 61. highs in the low 80s today. tomorrow even cooler if you can believe it. down in to the mid50s tonight. open up the window itself you haven't done it. give the ac a break. we will talk more about the outlook here for the rest of the weekend, how hot it gets for the 4th of july and the latest on alex. >> photographs of his two children are memories, all that a father has tonight as he is in for the fight of his life following what he is calling an international kidnapping. it's a story you will only see on two. a firefighter pare medic is fighting to get his family back. two young children caught in the middle as the battle wages from the united states to trinidad. this is stan and leah in much happier times. >> don't hate my wife. i'm hurt by what she did. i don't think she is in the right frame of mind. >> reporter: what she did is take their
in maryland. earlier a judge stripped many of the key provisions of the immigration law. the law will still take effect tomorrow but gone is a requirement for officers to check immigration status when enforcing other laws and the provision requiring immigrants to carry their paper was them at all times. here ayodele gate has been a strong supporter of immigration reform and plans to introduce a similar bill. >> maryland is a state where we have 350,000 illegals that are creating $2 billion in taxpayer burden and crime and other problems. we need a law in that state to stop that . >> now the issue is generated a lot of reaction from our viewers online, on the facebook page we asked if you would support legislation like the law in arizona or here in maryland. they said yes this is a matter of national security. anyone against such legislation clearly doesn't care about the wide open borders for security. you can't separate one from another. >>> another disagrees action saying no, i don't support giving the police the right to stop anyone they want to and demand to see proof of citizenship.
picked up 2/3 of an inch of new rain out in bwi. but since that time look at this. maryland's most powerful radar, we'll talk about that, and look ahead to the weekend. . >> friday on "good morning maryland," need a family night out on a tight budget. . >>> some special recognition for a navy officer from baltimore who is making a difference in iraq. it's a military public affairs video showing how u.s. personnel are helping to train iraquis in palm disposal. this video is shot in northern iraq and it features senior chief petty officer kevin bukowski of baltimore. >> our whole goal here is to get the iraqui bomb disposal unit to a point where we can withdraw and they can take over and continue the mission. >> he says the training focuses not only on bomb disposal technique but also changing the tactics of enemy. >>> well baltimore's olympic hometown hero, michael phelps, will be sharing his skills when he hits the water tomorrow at baltimore's polly high school. he'll give swimming lessons to about 50 middle schoolers, kind of a partnership between his swim safe program and baltim
of the extreme makeover continues tomorrow morning bright and early at 9 on good morning maryland. jamie costello and megan pringle will be there live for the full hour tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. sharp right here on abc 2. >>> for complete coverage of extreme makeover home addition you can get the very latest up to the second stuff online including information on how you can volunteer to be a part of the big build. just go to our website at abc2 news.com. >>> it has been a finally a day where we can get a lot of work done down there at the big build site and whatever your plans were together, easier getting those done as well without all the heavydown pours. take a look temperature wise. we have 80 at bwi, 8 2d c, and 789 from easton, just a touch cooler on the eastern shore. right now as we look at the highs out there today, you say that was pretty hot, right? it was. 95 was hot. i think we're even hotter tomorrow and hotter still into the next few days, so get ready for more of that july heat, skies have cleared off nicely over night here and that means starry skies over night and sunshine blaz
a look at maryland's most powerful radar, see that big cluster moving due north basically, closer look at the most powerful radar, you can see that line as it pushes in the belt line, catonsville, ellicott city, back through arbutus, you can see behind this line not much there but there will be more in the offering tomorrow. early forecast, 79 when you wake up, humid, maybe some sunshine early, then we're talking storms throughout the day as well as we go to about 87 tomorrow afternoon, an unsettled stormy pat turn, so when does it let up? we'll talk about that answer straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. those storms have actually contributed to a very tough day at the site of the "extreme makeover home edition" build in northeast baltimore. the home is the largest project in the show's seven-year history and it's all so proving to be one of the most difficult as well. christian schaefer joins us live tonight with an update on how things are going. they wanted to get that roof on tonight. >> they sure did cemeterily. sometimes when you watch the show you might wonder if some of the drama i
of the beltway. maryland state spokesman says the high speed chase happened before the crash. baltimore city police officer timothy beall believed holloway lilliston was racing a car and that beall believed the motorcycle was stolen. preliminary investigation indicates that the patrol vehicle was behind the motorcycle when the two collided, and that the motorcyclist was ejected from his motorcycle on to the hood of the police car, and then on to the roadway. >> reporter: holloway lilliston was pronounced dead at the scene. guglielmi says the commissioner is very concerned since officer beall was told to end the chase. >> yeah. the lieutenant of the northern district asked this officer to cease and desist this pursuit of this motorcycle and for whatever reason that communication was not followed. >> we have proven time and time again it doesn't pay to chase people. >> reporter: the victim's roommate say he was never known to speed or race. in fact, they say he just started riding motorcycles this summer and now they'll miss the man who looked out for them. >> i'm going to live with his spirit
. the treiber had to be rescued as water flooded the vehicle. but here in maryland we seem to just keep sweating. a little bit of rain might feel good for us right now but the big question is just how hot is this weekend going to be. wyatt everhart with the forecast. >>> i don't know, for the air temp. this will be the hottest day have the summer but the hottest in terms of what it feels like. a rare excessive heat warning for the baltimore and d.c. area, the rest of maryland under a heat advisory. that's through 10:00 tomorrow night. it starts in earnest at noon tomorrow but look at the heat index. this is what it feels like right now. 102 degrees downtown, still feeling like 104 in cambridge, and 96 tropical degrees in annapolis. the air temp. still above 90 in many spots so we're definitely talking about a very, very hot scenario. we're lucky to get down below 80 in the morning and then we're rapidly going to heat it up. well into the 90s by lunchtime, again in the afternoon 101, again for the baltimore area we're talking about an excessive heat warning. unusual. more for you coming up on wh
sales reports. what you need to know. >> have you seen all the obama stimulus sign as long maryland highways? don't speed on any highway where you see that sign. two viewers have contacted me to say they were pulled over for speeding on a road with the science posted. one was in eastern ohio, the other further out west. they say the fine was doubled because it's officially a construction zone even though there were no barrels anywhere in sight. be careful on those roads. >>> bad news for retailers could be good news for your wallet. they will have to cut prices to move things. the government said retail sales post aid surprise drop in june as consumers worried about jobs and the economy. they say stores will have to cut prices more the next few weeks. >>> here is something that may get to you buy a kindl. a price war. border has just launched its bookstore trying to catch up with the competition . it has more than 1.5 million title, thousands of free book and is available on several different formats. they hope to get 17% of the electronic market. >>> the competition some mean autho
? >> i didn't know we could have quakes in maryland. yeah, again. really what else is going to happen? we aren't even out of the woods yet. who knows. might want to bring our tornado gear. maybe that's next. >> reporter: keep our fingers crossed for the next 36 your hours. all this rain led to a redo on the inside. the dry wall was soaked before the roof was put on. >> to tear the dry wall and redo it. that's now done. >> reporter: volunteers are relentless. some of them working a full day and then heading to the home. >> you all come together and work for one common goal this is what happens. >> reporter: we got one quick peek at what's on the inside this cabinet looks like it'll go in the kitchen. anyone who has seen the rest is tight lipped. >> we were putting furniture together and also helping to some inside stuff that we can't talk about. >> reporter: we will see the emotions of seven young girl on sunday. >> you walk in and -- opens so many doors for them. >> reporter: something to look forward to. there is still a call for volunteers. here is what they need. people who can do
but the norm. >> that's not happening any place in the country and baltimore, maryland, does not need to go backwards. >> reporter: now that youtube video was taken at patricia jesse a me's birthday party on sunday so it was taken before the murder of steven pitcairn, you can watch that entire video and also the entire video of the debate between jesse a me and bernstein, christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >>> earlier today governor martin o'malley was asked point blank if judge howard dropped the ball after failing to accepted howard away after multiple violations. he answered "yes, point blank yes." he says when he appoints an a judge he asks if they'll send them to jail if they are found guilty of a crime and have a violent history. he responded by saying the former governor is as outraged as anyone about the pitcairn murder. he also said he wants to find out exactly what went wrong so it never happens again. steven pitcairn's friends and loved ones today remembered his life and one of those viewing him in south florida was pitcairn's youth pastor. >> desire to use the gifts and talents he
officers and maryland state troopers. all this follows a shooting at the harbor last weekend many the commissioner said the stepped up response was planned before that incident. >> pretty much everywhere and they aren't obtrusive but present. >> it's a secure place. we are safe for anything happens. >> reporter: marcia brought her 95-year-old mother to watch the fireworks. she chose baltimore over the nation's capitol. it was a day of celebrating, a reason to let loose all leading up to one bright and booming show. >> i think it's very nice. i see the -- mixing in together. coming out and visiting. it's a beautiful background. i love the water. >> reporter: so many people do love the water and so far there are no reports tonight of any major incidents. just people out enjoying one of the best fireworks displays in maryland. we are live at inner harbor. >> folks across the area spent the weekend celebrating america's birthday. now later we will take tout parades that made their way through area streets. first it's a pretty hot day today. how long will the temperatures stay? mik
at the highs locally. boston 100. maryland science center 99. we also have report of 101 down there. arnold 101. this is serious heat. high temperatures today. airport 100. two degrees off the old record from 1999. we got to 95 easton and winchester 100. down at the beach -- not a lot of relief in that direction. the ocean breeze always helps. 87 tonight still in the city. 79 frederick and 80 annapolis. humidity up a little bit. this has still been the silver lining. its been a dry heat so far but that does begin to change especially in to the day tomorrow and the heat advisory bear that out. a heat advisory up for baltimore and dc but all of maryland with the excessive heat watch and then warnings up toward the philadelphia area tomorrow. the satellite radar view all clear tonight. it'll continue to be the case. we expect to see no rain, no chance of even a slight chance of a storm until we probably get into wednesday night, maybe not even until thursday. dry, dry weather. if you look here you see a slight spin to the few clouds we have over west virginia. that's the core of the huge high pres
the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> nice dip in the pool. >> it was. one of the things when i see the water i think about kelley is one of the other sides -- effects of the heat, really drying out the ground. if you looked around you know we could use a little bit of rain in addition to the break- in the heat. we are a couple degrees behind. >> yes. >> everything is starting to burn up. we have a chance for rain later this week with this break-in the heat. let's -- let's get into it and show you -- everybody wants to know. it's coming, it'll become slowly. the way the heat wave is going to be slowly breaking down. 87 right now at airport. humidity 55%. the pressure holding steady at 2998 but it's hotter than that downtown and feels much hotter when you put in the humidity. the heat index values, have you to take them with a grain of salt sometimes but we can say it feels like the mid90's the at the inner harbor. 96 in washington. you get the idea of just how hot it is this evening and one of the reasons why the city has exten
accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerfulful doppler radar. >> they tried to develop a video game for weather with me as the model. >> i must have missed that. >> coming to 2011. really good game. just kidding. nice night outside. i was out in townsend. beautiful. temperatures into the 70's. you know we will do that again tomorrow and then sunday we will talk about it. let's go outside and show you the tower camera. beautiful shot. look at this the hard rock cafe. lot of people counsel town and for good reason. it's 71 degrees. chilly, possible. i heard that word thrown out. we will take it after all this heat. 66% humidity. westerly winds, drying wind keeping humidity and the dew point in check. the temperatures feel good. 85 degrees downtown. below normal. below normal it is. 87 was the normal number. we will keep that record, 98 set back in 1940. a pair of stevens downtown. york, falling pretty quickly at 62, westminister, that's a neighborhood that will fall back in to the 60s. the temperatures are delightful right up in to the great lakes. the seat down to the south. t
. the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> you know you could contribute something to the build to by giving us nice weather for the rest of the week. >> tomorrow is its day weather wise if you haven't been out to help yet. tomorrow will be the day. sun, dry it out. chance to catch up because it's going -- behind all week because of the weather. let's take a look outside. inner harbor. we have a muggy night in progress. quiet, no thunder, no lightning, no rain coming down. that's all good news. 77 right now at the airport and very similar numbers downtown. i want to show you the radar. it's more quiet than its been in about 48 hours here. finding one shower, one shower alone over the epochas peculiar. just offed shady side where we are tracking the one shower. other than that between saint michael's and the other received the bay we are looking at basically just quiet weather statewide and that's a good thing. look how much range would the. uninch and two thirds at places like churchville. so hit and miss in terms of how much rain we saw today
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